From workouts to foreign language tutorials, how did Indians use Alexa during the nationwide lockdown?


While we’ve been busy dealing with the new regular at the start of the nationwide lockdown, Amazon has revealed that some Indians have asked for Alexa’s help in seeking normalcy in the difficult time. The company said the digital assistant, which rivals Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri, noticed big changes in user behavior starting in March – the time when we started keeping up with it. interior to avoid coronavirus and an infection. He was asked to help with daily exercises and improve language skills. And (in a now unsurprising growth), some customers have even offered to Alexa.

Amazon shared information with Devices 360 that was recorded between March 1 and May 31 to explain how engagements with Alexa changed during the lockdown. The company claimed that Alexa receives thousands of requests every minute. Nevertheless, this would not reveal the precise variety of customers who accessed the voice assistant.

As people started their health routines from home, Alexa noticed a threefold increase in requests for exercise music, Amazon said. He also reminded customers to drink water or take their medicine.

In addition to exercise music and medicine reminders, Amazon said people embraced Alexa for its audio gaming experience, with its Tune Quiz, Reality or Fib and Snake and Ladders capabilities quadrupling their use. There were also three times as many requests asking for nursery rhymes because the children – including their father and mother – were not going out. Similarly, Amazon mentioned that 1 in 5 customers engaged with educational capabilities comparable to “Phrase of the Day”, “1-2-3 Math”, and “Pearson Mypedia”.

The hottest questions asked of Alexa during lockdown

Alexa was also used by some users to improve their language skills, as the use of foreign language learning capabilities reported a 15% improvement, with French, Spanish and Japanese being the preferred languages . Various customers sent proposals to Alexa, with virtually every minute someone was discovered asking, “Alexa, mujhse shaadi karogi?” (Alexa, will you marry me?) or “Alexa, I really like you”.

To get more details on the engagements that took place with Alexa during the lockdown, Devices 360 spoke with Dipa Balakrishnan, Senior Supervisor for Alexa Expertise and Engagement, Amazon India. Below are the edited excerpts from the phone dialog:

Has Amazon discovered a big improvement in Alexa adoption through nationwide lockdown?

Engagements on Alexa have grown year over year. It is continuously on the rise, although we don’t have a country-level breakdown that we will share. However, in terms of what our research is highlighting are the new areas where we have noticed adoption or say behavioral changes over time.

Many questions were asked to Alexa for the first time. None of us knew what coronavirus is earlier, so we had questions about the coronavirus outbreak. These have been like what of COVID-19? What is the coronavirus? We’ve also noticed a lot of questions regarding other issues that have arisen in the larger environment. For example, Ramayana and Mahabharata shot the biggest hits on TV because many people watched these shows. So we have received some common questions about Ramayana and Mahabharata. It shows what individuals have generally experienced in the atmosphere and what they needed to know while staying inside.

What were the main changes in people’s behavior noticed between March 1 and May 31?

I believe there are three main areas where we have noticed behavioral changes. Because we started working from home, we tried to become more productive while working from home, but the time between our work and our hobbies was kind of blurry. In order, it was a change that we saw in the behavior of the person. The second change was on the study side – both with our children and ourselves. It was if you try to train and entertain your children while keeping them indoors and if you try to improve your personal data and abilities. And then the last one revolved around how people were trying to stay in shape while staying at home and doing things like seven-minute workouts that became more of a trend.

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Key Changes in Human Behavior Observed on Alexa in the Period to May 31

Were there regional variations observed?

Of course, we found out. We currently support English and Hindi, and round height Shayari was clearly far more outstanding among the many inquiries we received from Hindi-speaking prospects. Usually, we have seen some variations mainly based on the way individuals converse or the expressions they use of a language, but most of the fashionable requests were for the main needs that might be mainly common.

How is knowledge useful, other than that it’s usually fascinating and enjoyable?

At Amazon, our main principle is to work backwards from the customer, where we see the interest, find that people are asking for certain types of options, and people are asking for certain things. This is necessary for us to know where the customer is and how we will meet this need. So, when it comes to fetching trivial data for Ramayana and Mahabharata and different updates, everything has been done via our understanding of the buyer’s desires. So we’re looking at all of these questions to find out how we need to innovate for the customer and how we ensure that we meet the needs they have.

Isn’t it kind of scary that you just record what tens of millions of people see and go through every sentence trying to use it even for improvements and buyer understanding?

We all know that privacy is necessary to our prospects, and it is extremely necessary to us as well. We have enabled customers to manage the type of information that will be shared through Alexa. You too can ask Alexa why it collects personal information. Likewise, the choice to remove the current information assortment can also be provided. The information we have used here is on a combined basis, and it is not specific to any buyer or information about any particular person.

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