Football Manager 2022 review: is FM 2022 worth buying?


Football Manager 2022 is a game about scenarios. While there is no plot or narrative, the gripping gameplay and hyper-realism leave you helpless to fall into a spiral of pure obsession. With new additions and a more refined formula than ever, this is the definitive entry into the long series of simulations. If you’ve taken some time away from Football Manager in recent years, or are an annual buyer, there’s more than enough time here to invest hundreds of hours.

Of course, Football Manager 2022 is apparently very similar to the entries released every year since Championship Manager in 1992. The gameplay fundamentals remain the same: you take control of any team you like – or even create your own – and lead them to glory. Whether it’s back-to-back Champions League titles or just survival in a competitive league, it’s in many ways a blank slate. The game can be whatever you want it to be, and that’s the sheer beauty of it.

For years, the Football Manager series has earned a reputation for simply overtaking the lives of players, and this year’s entry is no different. It’s still a captivating game, with gaming sessions capable of far exceeding your expectations. We recommend that you block any important engagements or meetings for the foreseeable future, as you’ll be far too busy on the virtual sideline to take note.

New additions to the team

But don’t worry if you own Football Manager 2021 – it’s not a simple cut and paste job. While this may aesthetically resemble last year’s entry, there’s a lot of new stuff here to justify the upgrade. Most notable of all is the vast overhaul of statistics. The Football Manager series has always been designed to meticulously break down every element of your team’s performance. This year, it takes it to the next level. Full-time, you’ll be able to see team momentum metrics alongside familiar stats like xG and heat maps, giving you a sense of how your team is performing in general terms and how they’re performing. collectively form.

You can also see a range of stats mid-game, with the performance tablet. It gives you a more detailed look at your opponent’s setup, with details about each player’s performance and mood, as well as any changes in their lineup. On top of that, it’s great to see a more streamlined approach to game day user interaction, with your starting XI appearing at the bottom of the screen, where it’s easier to track individual performance and language. bodily.

This is in addition to more intuitive player values, which will adjust based on current form and market pushes. Everything is aimed at making FM22 as realistic as possible – and with a modified deadline designed to mimic the frenzy of reality, it certainly works.

Run like a dream

Football Manager 2022

As always, it’s impressive how well Football Manager 2022 performs even on the most damaged machines. The most advanced graphics setting, Director, will run very smoothly on laptops and older PCs, with no noticeable slowdowns or lag. However, many will opt for the classic 2D camera which looks like a virtual game from Subbuteo. Of course, it’s still so nostalgic and reliable as ever.

However, it should be noted that the character models are still quite choppy. The first thing you’ll do when starting a Football Manager 2022 save is design your avatar. These can appear particularly plastic on less advanced configurations. The actual match footage also lacks the photo realism of something like FIFA 22. However, seasoned fans know that Football Manager isn’t here to compete with these games. These graphic complaints are something that you rarely, if ever, notice. That’s because Football Manager 2022 lasts around 90 minutes on a pitch.

Unparalleled narrative force

Football Manager 2022

Yes, more than anything, it is a virtual sandbox to make your wildest football fantasies and scenarios come true. The opportunities to create exciting mini-stories are only limited by what you’re willing to experience. I started with a backup of Crystal Palace, seeking to uncover their missed potential. A tough series of games at the start of the season set up a scenario where wins were desperately needed and key players weren’t happy. It’s so captivating that you’ll really have a hard time ripping yourself off after a tense win or a nerve-racking draw. This is something Football Manager has excelled at for decades. However, it has never been more fleshed out and immersive than this year’s entry.

It is also a game which adapts perfectly to new managers. If you’ve never explored Football Manager before, a comprehensive tutorial will introduce you to key game components. The ability to delegate tasks such as setting up one-on-one training and managing staff in the game. The backroom to your assistant is also an intuitive way to make the experience easier for new players, although this is nothing new.

Football Manager 2022 review: the final verdict

All in all, Football Manager 2022 is another sublime sports simulation. This proves once again that you can enjoy soccer games without directly controlling the players. Its new additions add to an experience already brimming with depth, and the refined playstyle means you’ll be hard pressed not to get lost in Sports Interactive’s digital training ground. His mastery of even the oldest gear means there really is no excuse not to dive in. It’s Football Manager at its best, the virtual equivalent of a goal in the top corner.

Football Manager 2022 reviewed on PC. Code provided by the publisher.


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