Final Fantasy 14 Island Sanctuary Minion Dialogue is too perfect


With the 6.2 update, Final Fantasy 14 eventually released the occasional Island Sanctuary content. As players unlocked the island and released their favorite minions to their base, Final Fantasy 14 players were pleased to find that each minion had a special line of dialogue that they repeated while on the island shrine.

The Island Sanctuary is a new type of casual content available to players who complete the main storyline of Endwalker. Players can construct buildings, grow crops, capture creatures, and gather resources to create their perfect haven on the island sanctuary.


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One of the main ways players can customize the island is by freeing up minions to roam around locations close to their home base. Once freed, each minion repeats a short piece of dialogue as the player approaches. While some creatures bark, roar, or mew as appropriate, mechanical versions of the main Final Fantasy 14 NPCs and mobs often say words. While most of the lines are taken directly from the game, the dialogue often references community memes, such as Minfillia’s “Pray for return to the waking sands” quote, or the hilarious “It’s Thancred” , same as Endwalker.

Gamers instantly fell in love with this lovely little feature of Final Fantasy 14 Island Sanctuary. While they were already thrilled to be able to free their minions, few expected them to actually speak when freed. Fans immediately began unleashing their favorite minions on the island to see their dialogue and bring back the best quotes to fellow players. Additionally, quotes often differ in other languages, so international players have also been able to share their own versions with fans overseas.

Unleashing minions on the island shrine is simple. Once players travel to the island shrine after unlocking it in Old Sharlayan, they will follow a simple tutorial to establish their cozy hut, enclosure, and garden. Shortly after, they will have the opportunity to release minions in the different areas of their home base. Players can have a total of 40 Final Fantasy 14 the minions split into all four areas at once.

However Final Fantasy 14 players fell in love with the island shrine, patch 6.2 also added more content to the game. The next stage of the Pandaemonium raid is now available, with the high-difficulty Savage mode opening soon. A new main storyline quest branch has also been added, including a new dungeon and trial for players to fight through. If players can wander away from their Island Sanctuary retreats, a host of new challenges await.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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