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The proposal to privatize Channel 4 is bad (Report of September 14) and only a tiny minority of shareholders will benefit from such government plans. Let’s not forget that Channel 4 is a public service broadcasting and its programming caters to a wide audience as well as different age groups in Britain, with its documentaries, news, entertainment and programs. in foreign languages.

UK media and advertising industry leaders signed a letter: “4 the people”, Urging ministers to rethink these proposals. With conservative right wing Nadine Dorries becoming the new Culture Secretary, those who want to see Channel 4 remain in public ownership must continue the fight and make the case.

Television production is a key part of our broadcasting culture and identity, and it would be a shame if it were privatized and sold to lure free market ideologues into government who fail to see the value of public ownership in broadcasting. . It is a step backwards. Let’s keep Channel 4 in public ownership.
Oliver B Steward

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