Does “The Chair” show what American college life is like?



The chair is a new program on life at an American university that may be of interest to international students coming to the United States.

The main actor of the series is Sandra Oh. In the chair, Oh plays Ji-Yoon Kim, an English teacher in a fictitious college in the northeastern United States When the show begins, Kim is in his early days as head or chair of his department. She is the first woman to hold the post.

Kim supervises a group of professors and also often talks to another university official, a dean. They discuss many issues. These include: how to increase the number of students in English classes, how to add more teachers of different races and ethnicities and whether older and unpopular teachers should keep their jobs.

The show discusses the issues facing college professors and their leaders in 2021. It talks about how black professors feel when they work in schools where students and teachers are mostly white. The question is whether universities should change the supply system mandate to teachers. And he asks if teachers should have the freedom to teach as they see fit.

It also examines the issues Kim has with her work and family life. She is a single mother of a youngster, adopted daughter and has a retired father who lives in the same town. Oh it’s character speaks Korean with her father and tries to teach the language to her daughter.

All issues are addressed in just six programs. The show is not real and is a comedy. It doesn’t try to be a real record like a documentary. But this poses real problems in colleges.

Sandra Oh, Nana Mensah and Holland Taylor work together as English teachers in “The Chair”. (Eliza Morse / Netflix via AP)

So how The chair show college life Campus in 2021?

Jay Belsky is professor of human development at the University of California-Davis. Belsky began his work in higher education in the 1970s when he graduated from Cornell University in New York.

He said that the stories presented by The chair are close to life on a college campus in 2021. However, all of the difficult events are unlikely to happen at the same time.

Additionally, Belsky stated that Pembroke, the fictional college of The chair, represents the environment only in a small number of American universities.

“While some of the ‘wake up-ness’ and Politically correct is at all, it’s probably much more intense and apparent and global to these elite elite schools.

Shera Bhala is in her final year of study at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Dartmouth is one of the oldest colleges in the United States and an Ivy League school.

Bhala wrote on The chair, for The Dartmouth, the student newspaper.

In her report, she wrote that the show captures the “peculiarities“of life on a college campus and noted that it balances being a comedy with“ tragic realities. ”She also noted that the exterior scenes of The chair reminded him of Dartmouth although the show was primarily filmed in Pennsylvania.

Jay Duplass and Sandra Oh are colleagues from

Jay Duplass and Sandra Oh are colleagues on “The Chair” (Eliza Morse / Netflix via AP)

East The chair good to watch for a student planning to study in the United States? Bhala thought of her mother, who had grown up in Malaysia. She said her mother often asked if life in an American high school and college was like the life shown in movies and on television.

“Yeah, I think for a student from Asia or anywhere outside of America, I think this could be a very interesting show to watch.”

Bhala endorsed the show’s attempt to show an Asian woman as an academic leader. She noted that American universities currently have ” conversations on diversity.

Oh’s parents came to Canada from South Korea in the 1960s. Speaking to The Associated Press, she said it was important that her character had a Korean given name. His most famous television characters are called Cristina and Eve.

“So that I can actually put a Korean name and have all the characters say your name. I really liked it, ”Oh said.

The chair is the first film or television show in several years to tell the story of an American university professor. Some reviewers said it was the first to do so since The Wonder Boys. This film was released over 20 years ago.

The chair shows two sides of Kim’s life: as a college leader and as a single parent.

Although Bhala is a young person, she has experience with academia because she followed her father, who is a professor at the University of Kansas.

She said she was glad the show tried to show current college life.

“The show definitely has some kind of current perspective which was refreshing to see on a show about academia.

Belsky, the human development teacher, said it’s important to remember that Kim heads the school’s English department. He suggested that an engineering or chemistry show could be very different.

“So I think you really have to distinguish between the social science and social sciences compared to the rest of the campus.

Belsky also suggested that while the show does get noticed, it’s possible that it only connects to a small percentage of Americans. Few people in the United States have attended schools like the one in The chair.

Bhala thought that part of the show was overrated: the idea that older faculty are disconnected and unable to connect with current students.

“I was very lucky to have energetic teachers, brilliant and as in addition to any new development in their fields.

I am Dan Friedell.

Dan Friedell wrote this story for Learning English based on original reporting and Associated Press materials. Mario Ritter, Jr. was the editor.

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Words in this story

fiction -not. stories written about people and events that are not real

mandate -not. the right to keep a job, especially a professor at a college or university, for as long as you want

adopted –Adj. a child who is legally the child of parents other than the biological parents

character -not. a person or being who appears in a story, book, play, movie or television show

comedy -not. a play, a movie, a TV show, a book, meant to make people laugh

Campus -not. the area and buildings around a university, college, school or similar organization

wake up –Adj. (Political) a sense of knowing that social and racial issues exist and are important

Politically correct -not. agree that people should not use language or behave in a way that might offend a group of people

elite –Adj. the people who have the most wealth and the highest position in a society

academia -not. the life, community or world of teachers, schools and education

perspective -not. a way of thinking and understanding something (such as a problem or life in general)

social science -not. fields of study (such as history, language, and literature) that relate to human life and ideas

brilliant –Adj. much smarter than most people



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