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New Delhi: Chingari, India’s famous socio-commerce app has partnered with Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute (TLPTI), which is the country’s premier dance education center with strong international fame. The collaboration aims to foster the growth of dance as an art among all age groups. With the merging of Chingari’s huge pool of content and audience creators and talented and expert dancers and training programs from TLPTI, all young enthusiasts who want to learn the art will benefit.

Speaking on this mega collaboration, Sumit Ghosh, CEO and Co-Founder, Chingari said, “At Chingari, we are continuously focused on providing not only entertainment, but also value for our audience and our content creators. . Over the years, we have made sure to develop Chingari as a platform to help the growth of different art forms in the country. As well as just focusing on creating entertaining content, our main focus is on how the locals are getting some form of successful learning from our platform. Our collaboration with TLPTI is a step towards the same thing.

TLPTI has a 23 year history as a pioneer in dance education in India. The TLPTI team strives for professional excellence by exploring dance in various forms such as educational, research, artistic and commercial projects. Through their hashtag – #danceforyourhappiness – they strongly believe in spreading well-being through dance to ALL with dance classes for all levels, ages and abilities, truly living by the ABCD – AnyBodyCanDance philosophy; and should. Chingari already has a large audience base heavily inclined to dance, singing and other art forms, making it a great place for brands to take advantage.

Sharing his perspective on the collaboration, Mahrukh Dumasia Creative Head, Program Director & Chief Choreographer., TLPTI said: Spreading joy through dance ‘. Through our association with Chingari, one of the fastest growing short video platforms in India, we can now join forces to expand our reach so that we can bring dance to all age groups and to all walks of life. Dance is a universal language, and we intend to make it resonate with ALL of you, dear users of the Chingari app! Through our videos on Chingari, we promise to bring you a wide variety of dance styles, exposure to different dance levels, from absolute beginners to advanced; a plethora of opportunities for dance enthusiasts – both professional and non-professional, and the possibilities to stay fit and happy for ALL!

TLPTI’s talented team of professional dancers and top-notch instructors were handpicked and personally trained by founders Terence Lewis and Mahrukh Dumasia; and receive continuous coaching even internationally with regular assessments to ensure their skills are up to date and always one step ahead. The collaboration will focus on branding and promoting both platforms. Chingari has worked with several other renowned brands in the past and aims to continue to do so, to create an inclusive, art and culture-driven ecosystem on social media.

Speaking on future plans, Deepak Salvi, COO and Co-Founder, Chingari said, “TLPTI is a renowned institute that does not need to be introduced. The partnership with the institute is mainly focused on expanding the art and helping it reach the common masses. India has a huge pool of rough dancers, who can become phenomenal artists if given the right direction and the right advice. By having TLPTI on board with Chingari, we will be able to help people learn from the best in the industry. TLPTI is truly a legacy of the best dancers in the country and Chingari is happy to be in partnership with such an acclaimed institute.

Chingari has a long history of meeting the informative, recreational and creative demands of the Indian market by providing value-added content. In that sense, it aspires to be more than the country’s most popular social networking app; it also wants to be the most valuable platform for artists.



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