Bilingual schools in Spain are dropping English


Bilingual schools in Spain are abandoning English Credit: Pixabay

Spanish bilingual schools are abandoning English to teach other subjects. 90 Spanish public schools have decided to resume teaching in Spanish.

Schools have said that “students don’t think; they only memorize ”. The Junta de Castilla y León created a bilingual program in 2007. The Antonio Allué Morer school was one of the first to join it. Director Enar Rubio explained that it was an amazing opportunity at the time, but it didn’t work out well.

Children found subjects such as science and history too much for them when taught in English. The students struggled to understand the lessons. This means that the students stopped learning and instead memorized facts.

Rubio told El Espanol: “When we realized that there was a big gap between the students, we decided to take the matter to the teachers and the school council, where we voted in the unanimity to leave the program.

“What students really need is language skills in a foreign language, not science; learn to hold a conversation in English and not to say seagull, when they have never seen one in Valladolid ”.

The school will now teach English as a separate subject. Students will have more hours of English lessons in preschools and primary schools to help them learn the language as well.

Science professor Ruben García believes this is the way to go. García said: “Having given the lessons in English caused a great lack of motivation among them. The students didn’t think about it, they just memorized, and what I want is for them to be motivated to learn. This should be a wake-up call for the administrations, I am not against bilingualism, but they should change the approach in the classes ”.

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