Ballotpedia’s new legislation tracker is a one-stop-shop for current election-related legislation


Highlights of monitoring electoral legislation

  • Daily updates on bills and other relevant policy developments
  • Currently covers 2,513 bills, including 162 enacted year-to-date in 2022
  • Invoice summaries translated into easy-to-digest everyday language
  • Guarantee to be neutral, impartial and non-partisan
  • Free weekly digest every Friday of election law updates

“Whether you have five minutes to research or want to dig deeper into your state’s election laws, nothing is as comprehensive as our Election Law Tracker,” said the President and CEO of Ballotpedia. Leslie Graves. “Election law and administration have come to the fore in recent years, often shrouded in partisan talking points and manipulation,” Graves said. “Our tracker cuts through the noise to give people what they really want – a simple, powerful, accurate, unbiased, and free platform from an organization they trust.”

“Tracking Election Administration Legislation makes it easy to narrow your search to only look at bills introduced in states with Republican tricasts, states with Democratic tricasts, and states with a split government,” said Geoff Pallay, editor of Ballotpedia. “You can also search by sponsor’s partisan affiliation to see the number of election-related bills introduced by Republicans and Democrats — and how those bills may or may not differ from each other.”

Advanced Ballotpedia Election Administration Tracking Features

  • Interactive search, filtering through eight different functions
  • Infographics
  • Daily updates from Ballotpedia election experts
  • Invoice neutral labeling and categorization (22 parent categories and 88 granular labels)
  • Invoice summaries translated into plain language
  • Neutral, impartial and non-partisan
  • No licenses or hidden fees

Current electoral administration bills passed
The Elections Act encompasses a wide range of issues, including voter registration, ballot access, early voting, absentee/mail-in voting, and voter identification requirements. Laws governing the administration of elections can vary widely from state to state and even between jurisdictions within states. This article identifies electoral legislation enacted in 2022.

Election Law Webinar and Video

  • Join the Ballotpedia Editor, Geoff Pallayand Brand Staff Writer, jerrick adamsas they launch our live election legislation tracker today, June 29at 10am PT/12pm CT/1 p.m. ET. register here.
  • Read our introduction to monitoring legislation video tutorial here

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