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As the calendar prepares to switch from summer to fall, it’s natural to think that the traditional summer travel season is drawing to a close. But in the age of Covid, traditional travel patterns are mostly out the window, with Americans mostly saying they’re ready to go back and see the world no matter what the season.


Among the nearly 75 percent of Americans who said they planned to travel this year, 36 percent said they would be traveling this summer, while a important 23 percent rather expected an autumn destination.

This means that barring viruses and international travel restrictions, there will be plenty of Americans leaving to see the world in the coming months. But while half of the Earth’s population is bilingual, only 20 percent Americans can make that claim.

And if you don’t know the language, you won’t find anyone who will say that you don’t miss the full experience of international travel. The way to truly immerse yourself in another culture is through the language. Babbel has supported this idea for almost 15 years with an award-winning app that has helped over 10 million students learn a foreign language.

Today, the company has launched a new way of being fluent in another language, mixing its proven language learning system with the one method that has enjoyed the same success over millennia: just sit down and talk. throughout the learning process.

Babbel Live brings language learning to the virtual classroom.

Babbel Live is the new, but old and new offshoot of the company, which expands the range of Babbel’s renowned teaching. With Babbel Live, students attend live online classes, learn new lessons from approved and certified language teachers (satisfaction score of 4.8 / 5), then practice these skills one-on-one to help make learning real and improve their speaking performance almost immediately.

Once students have chosen their Babbel Live monthly plan, they have access to an unlimited number of classes per day in which they can participate. Whether they wish to learn Spanish, French, German or Italian, each course focuses on a subject that is particularly important for studies such as work, travel, meals, family, etc.

Choose the area you want to learn, then scroll through a list of more than 70 to 80 lessons available per day. Each is led by one of Babbel Live’s top quality instructors, with scheduled class times practically 24 hours a day to accommodate any student’s availability.

During this time, each class will only consist of up to six students. With this small teacher / student ratio, learners are guaranteed lots of quality time with their instructor work on the communication skills they need. While students are talking to each other, the instructor can listen to their pronunciation, word usage, and overall performance, then offer concrete tips for improvement.

Also download the Babbel app.

In addition to courses that go beyond words and grammar in life, the atmosphere and uniqueness of the root culture of each language, Babbel Live training also comes with another major selling point. . Along with the live lessons, users also unlock the entire Babbel training archive around their given language.

Around their live lesson hours, students can further immerse themselves in their learning, by accessing Babbel’s treasure from podcasts, games, readings and other training materials to help strengthen the study.

Celebrate culture and learn a new language with Babbel Live today! Learners can get started and be part of Babbel Live’s new / old approach to language training by go to the Babbel Live website for up to 65% off, choose a learning plan, then schedule lessons to start a language trip now.

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