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The ECDL (European Computer Driving License), or European Computer Driving License, is a title issued by the AICA (Italian Association for Automated Computing), which certifies the acquisition of the skills necessary to work professionally with a personal computer. Internationally recognized standards are required by businesses, private and public organizations when selecting for recruitment. The European Union supports the European computer driving license program, which is included in the plans to create an information association.

8 key skills for lifelong learning

Ministerial Decree n. 139 of 22 August 2007 139 includes 8 key competences for lifelong learning requested by the European Parliament in 2007, reducing them to 4 cultural axes.

Digital literacy lies in the printed language, mathematics and science technology.

The program of the ECDL exams – specifically mentioned in the Limited and Approved Regulation, is defined in a document universally approved by the Instituto Comprehensive de Bellesano (SA), Principal, Director of the School, Professor Giovanna Nassaro. , Consists of seven program-related modules plus a theory exam and six practical exams. In Italy, the body responsible for the national administration of the ECDL is the AICA (Italian Association for Computing and Automatic Computing,, which defines the examination procedures and manages the centers. Examination center, in matters of diploma.

Organize student support activities to promote and improve the ECDL program

Through this type of regulation, the activities of each student organization in collaboration with the Italian Association for Information and Automated Accounting can be better controlled to promote and improve the ECDL-European computer bachelor’s program.

The implementation of the ECDL program strengthens and widens the educational opportunity of the organization in perfect harmony with the meaning of the reform on school autonomy.

The ECDL program is included in the POF (Education Privilege Program) with the intention that students obtain a computer science license through corporate programs.

Objectives of the educational institution

By implementing the ECDL project – as stated in the Estiduto Comprehensive de Bellesano (SA) regulation, led by the editor-in-chief Giovanni Nassaro – the company has the following objectives:

  • Allow and encourage internal students to obtain an ECDL license;
  • Encourage teaching and non-teaching staff and external students under the same conditions as students to obtain the above certificates;
  • Encourage training efforts for certain categories of citizens and / or workers on the basis of contracts signed in advance and submitted for approval to the Institutional Council.

Human resources staff-ECDL

The Company uses the cooperation for the purposes set out in Article 2:

  • Specialists with specific and documented pedagogical and professional skills, including at least one internal teacher;
  • SGA Director

In particular, it would be useful to put in place an ECDL staff, led by the director and the legal manager of the examination, as indicated in the decree approved by the Institute of Comprehensive of Bellesano (Sa), with the competent skills by director Giovanna Nassaro. Center, for example:

  • Improve the skills of expert, general and digital integration, and accredited selector, relations with all the liaison persons for the ECDL services who supervise the organization (in particular the one-off inspections) for the implementation of the project , strive to achieve the best project objectives and ensure documentation of compliance with legal and confidential obligations. To carry out the above tasks, the person in charge of the examination center will work in close collaboration with the head of the establishment, the legal representative of the company, who will ensure the direct relationship with the certifying body and sign the certification contract. Licence. Once a year, the manager prepares a written report on the implementation of the ECDL program and the progress of the examination center and submits it to the committee for approval, proposing actions to improve the quality of the service. Company .;
  • The expert of the ECDL examiner, internal or external teacher, minor routine maintenance, insertion in the candidate database for the issuance of the competency card, recording of examination sessions and individual candidates, downloading of exams reserved in the examination center server, synchronization of examinations carried out, updating of computer versions;
  • Administrative contact for the DSGA coordinator and ECDL services.


The subject calendars and related records and examination sessions are established by the staff of the ECDL. The dates are announced on the company’s website. The files of the candidates for the exams must be submitted before the date of the exam within the time limit set in the calendar. Each examination session will be conducted in the manner established by the certification body.

Half tools

To implement the ECDL program, the company provides its identification structures connected to the local network and to the Internet. The organization guarantees both the technical knowledge required for the ECDL program, the participation in the various exam sessions and the preparation of the candidates.

The financial security of the management of the examination center (examinations) is ensured by the income of the scheme. Income and expenses are recorded in the annual plan approved by the board of directors of the company and reported in the final account drawn up each year.

To treat

To take the ECDL exams, a document (competency card) must be obtained from an examination center, as well as the exams linked to the blocks to be certified.

The capacity card, which includes the buyer’s personal data and the serial number registered in the certification system, allows you to make choices differently in any test center, even where it was purchased. Examinations are offered “online” through a special program offered at examination centers.

The reservation for the exams must be obtained within the time limit set by the calendar and the certificates of fees relating to the exams to be taken must be attached to the reservation form.

Applicants who do not pass the exam and wish to retake it will need to recreate both the booking and the exam fee.

Applications submitted in the prescribed manner will be accepted if not contacted by personal contact.

ECDL exams: the candidate’s duties

The applicant must be present on the day and at the scheduled time with the competent card and identity document. Before starting the reserved exams, you should watch a tutorial that explains the features of the software used to take the exams and respect the maximum time allowed for each exam (35 ‘except for volume 1’)

To pass the exam, you must reach the minimum limit of 75% of the available grade.

Rules to be observed during the exam session:

  • The duty of silence during exams and the prohibition to ask questions to the candidate;
  • Prohibit copying other candidates or bringing intellectual material with you
  • Prohibition on the use of electronic aids;
  • Obligation to remain in class during the exam;
  • Prohibition to interfere with the examination.

The above is best mentioned in the ECDL examination procedure and the candidate is already aware of the signature on the signed acceptance form in electronic form prior to the examination.

After having noted the positive result of the examination, the candidate will affix the candidate’s affixing card for each exam passed, as well as his signature and the stamp of the examination center. The merit card is a certificate of choice placed and taken by the applicant.

Recording of automated exams and request for ECDL certificates

The examiner will record the examination results on the Internet in the centralized database of the certification body in relation to the completed session. Registration for the exam should be done immediately the same day or the next day if possible.

When registering, the person in charge of the examination center will confirm receipt by Internet and send a file containing the following elements to each candidate who has passed the final exam required to obtain the required certificate. Information:

  • Identification of the competency card;
  • The exact identity of the candidate (name, first name and date of birth);
  • Upon receipt of the certificate from the certifying body, it will receive a receipt and deliver it to the candidate.

Test control




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