After 17 years, the principal of Meadow School moves to McNear


Longtime Meadow School principal Melisa Becker has been appointed principal of McNear Elementary School in the Petaluma City School District. She will take up her new role on November 18

For the past 17 years, Becker has served as Principal of Meadow School. She was Sonoma County Elementary of the Year in 2009.

For the past five years, she has also been an Assistant Professor in the Maker Space Certificate Program at Sonoma State University.

At Meadow School, she wrote numerous grants from the Petaluma Educational Foundation with her teaching teams, including major ones for innovative physical education equipment, a school garden, a hands-on science program, a musical instrument and the fight against discrimination.

A crucial grant in 2015 sparked the start of one of the first Maker Rooms in an elementary school. She has partnered with the County Office of Education to create a space specially designed to engage students in hands-on learning that simultaneously teaches STEAM and interpersonal skills. For the past six years, Becker has led the non-technical side of the program, where students use everyday objects such as corks, rubber bands, paper clips, Legos, blocks, or marbles to complete a challenge. team that requires planning, conversation, courage and creativity.

Over the years, Becker has enjoyed watching students become confident builders, problem solvers and explorers, ready to take on challenges inside and outside the classroom.

For the past five years, in addition to her role as Principal, Becker has been an Assistant Professor in the Maker Space Certificate Program at Sonoma State University.

Becker received his BA in Sociology from UCLA and his Teaching Diploma and MA in Elementary Education from Loyola Marymount University. She received her administrative degree from Sonoma State University.

Becker began her career as an elementary school teacher for 10 years. As a teacher, she has served in many roles including lead teacher, GATE coordinator, title one coordinator, mentor teacher and member of the quality review leadership team. from the program. While teaching in Connecticut, she was the founding teacher and curriculum developer for REACH, a 15-month program for underprivileged students targeting the university that continues to thrive 25 years after its inception.

Becker joined administration as an assistant principal at Brook Haven Middle School in the Sebastopol Unified School District, and then as an assistant principal at Miller Creek Middle School in the Miller Creek School District.

At Brook Haven, she served as the GATE District Coordinator, Chair of the Language Curriculum Working Group, and School Intervention Coordinator.

At Miller Creek, she served as a STAR Tests Coordinator, Language Arts Assessment Coordinator, School Intervention Coordinator, and developed language arts tutoring courses. She worked in parallel as a national reading trainer for Ashlock Consulting.

Becker is an active member of the Instructional Leadership Corps, which is a collaboration of the California Teachers Association, SCOPE, and the National Board Resource Center at Stanford University, where work focuses on professional development focused on educators.

She said her favorite moments with the students were when she was rolling out her unicorn-themed rainbow music cart in the playground during the “Disco Fridays” lunch to play music for the kids. students and organize a dance party.

She admits that despite being a terrible basketball player, she has coached intramural basketball teams for years, showing students that the value of an experience isn’t always worth it. achieve perfection, but learn and do your best.

Becker sits on two boards: The Fabulous Women and The Rwanda School Project. The Fabulous Women work to inspire and support members of the community and have brought Hallowluma and Festival of Trees to Petaluma. She has been to Rwanda four times and has been actively engaged in providing education to 160 students at the Rwamagana Leaders School, which her family helped establish.

Becker has been Petaluman for 24 years and lives with her husband Ben and two children, Hannah and Cole. Cole is currently in his final year at Casa Grande High School. An avid runner, she has run a 50 km, but prefers much shorter distances.


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