Advice from a mother, letter to a writer father and excerpt from a forthcoming book


ETERNAL. It could be a poem/or a testimonial/or the start of a new beginning. Or an excerpt from the introduction to “The Overcomers”. All I had was a wristwatch and a diary page. I remember when no one spoke to me. Now I speak to all the sassy and powerfully good-dimensional particles of the world. Now I’m scintillating. Now I am a spark. I guess it’s my heritage. And when I now think back to when I saw no beauty or imagination in the problems I had, when all I could think about was body shaming dysmorphia and how much I ate. When I considered lettuce salad and yogurt a substitute for all the cravings in my life. When I haven’t seen an ounce of enchantment in my struggle or the battlefield of my mind. My inheritance includes a gold that is indestructible like God. So, I guess it’s a full circle moment for me, but for me it all starts and ends with God ordained movements. And the lesson is that even if you don’t know what your inheritance will be, God does. He knows exactly how cool you are.

Excerpt from the chapter “10 things I love about you”, a book I write on “Overcoming”.

1. “The fullness of your destiny awaits you.”

2. “You realize that everything changes with the seasons.”

3. “I want you to achieve all your dreams.”

4. “Every characteristic of your soul is built and constantly reinvented for success.”

5. “You have the answer of skill in every situation.”

6. “You are proof of God’s blessing, promotion and inheritance in his life.”

7. “You know and understand what your heritage is.”

8. “You believe in God’s unconditional trust.”

9. “You understand that the vision God has for your life He planted the seed in the past, waters it in the present so it can manifest in the future.

10. “When you know and understand the totality of failure and overcome and win both adversity and adversary.”

Excerpt from the chapter “Advice from my mother”. Give a man space. Give a man his space, girl. Give a man room for his intuition to become like the borders of space, the limits of space, the territories of space. Give a man the opportunity to release and manifest this intuition and its potential. My daughter, understand that this is the basic reasoning behind making him happy. This will allow him to become the best version of himself. His faith in himself will increase and he will inspire the magnitude of greatness in others, and all the qualities of greatness in himself. You will then see the dreamer in his soul, the childlike wonder he possesses when he is at work, the atonement and forgiveness in his enduring love. Be the reading lamp in his world by daylight and the innocent by nightfall. Teach him to be an Elijah waiting for the abundance of rain.

Excerpt from the chapter “Positive Reports of Abundance in Your Life”. It’s something about bringing abundance into my own life. It’s a story of transformative love, enduring love, redemptive love and a return to love and what I heard in my mind today about setting up miracles in power, in redemption, in salvation in my life. Believing in miracles, in abundance means staying encouraged in the face of absolute negativity, having bold confidence like Captain Kirk, thinking with unlimited power (knowledge is power, God is power, being authentic is powerful) like Mufti Menk of Zimbabwean descent. , and when your thought is limitless, you begin to manifest love, to see love, to imagine love and it is a love which is not subject to laws or principles or rules. changes as Mother Teresa portrayed in life. It’s one of a kind and when you love like that, you become one of a kind too. Unique people go through life with grace and abundance. Love is the most important mission we can have in this world.

Excerpt from the chapter “The Daydreamer Chronicles”. This is one of the pages in my diary that I journaled this morning. I was in pain this morning so this is what I wrote to counter the hurt feeling. Unique people go through life with grace and abundance. They realize that when failure and dismissal from others befalls you, it’s just a heavy rain that teaches you to be an Elijah, a force for good in the world, a force to be reckoned with, a force of bold confidence, leadership ability and greatness. To be great. Where do I start? With the years that I lost. I have accumulated twenty years of lost years. What you lost can never be measured. The only person who can measure this is God in all his supersonic dimensions. I realized that the word “lost” means that it is only a season that becomes your calculation for a divine harvest.

How are we going to exist without illusion in all the dimensions of the unreality in which we now live. It is the space, the interconnectedness, the way we relate to each other through the expanded spaces of humanity’s birthplace, the earth’s almost sovereign rank in the universe, that will count as the final border. There’s wildflower disaster at the end of my hand. My grandmother’s porcelain teacups are as delicate and fragile as her conscience. No one likes a warrior at first. So they are called epic Where legendary. So they accumulate reputation, praise and adoration as Rilke did with his Orpheus sonnets. Rilke danced around the sun, kissed the moonlight found at nightfall. Hemingway was captain. Salinger a set point. In Updike’s characteristics, a vulnerability manifested itself in the pages of every home screenplay he ever wrote about. Last year we ate ice cream and cake on my brother’s birthday and like a comet around the sun I felt him slip away into an impatient man beyond my reach. I let him go. I saw in his eyes the empires he would build in flight. Far from the world he had known as a child, I called them angry red beasts, my brother called them flying monsters. He wanted a family. To be honest, I also wanted a family. God had a family. He called it humanity in general. It was amazing to me. His complex sensitivity to work. Here we are. Here we are. In the aqua-colored veins and texture of virtual world pads where the sea meets the sky and the azure is truly blue.

Sorry about that. I keep apologizing. I write myself a love language to come out of the realization that I am losing the most important person in my life, my father. So I’m writing love letters to myself today, all day. Dear Dad, you exist to me like the sun, two suns, moonlight, stars, all the aligned planets that our atomic God created. I am thanks to you an old statesman, eloquent and expressive orator, defender and giant of all that you knew an autumn ago. I thought when I was a child that you only lived to exist for me as I exist for you. You survived the volcano and deserve all the loving support and positive praise I can give you now in this fall. I adore you dad. I always go. You teach me daily to control pain.


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