Accessible comic book on climate change drawn by deaf children


A comic book on climate change accessible to people with hearing loss was drawn by young deaf people.

Pupils from Windsor Park School in Falkirk worked with the Forth Valley Sensory Center (FVSC) to design and develop the eight-page climate comic.

Children from the school, which supports deaf children in primary and secondary school, gave their thoughts on the global climate emergency in the comic.

It has been translated into British Sign Language (BSL), with audio descriptions available so visually impaired children can access it.

The comic offers puzzles, quizzes and activities, a recipe and a visual tutorial of some BSL signs and the BSL alphabet.

It also includes a story about how beach cleanups can benefit marine life, and the comic book characters are based on the kids who helped create it.

A digital edition of the Climate Comic is also available online here.

Sara Burns, energy repair project co-ordinator at the Forth Valley Sensory Centre, said the comic “brings life” to the students’ dreams.

“It’s an innovative, engaging and accessible way for everyone to learn about our surroundings and the actions we need to take to try and tackle the climate emergency,” she said.

“We’ve had lots of flyers, lots of videos and lectures, but very few are translated into BSL – now a language in its own right – or made accessible to those who can’t see.

“Working with the children of Windsor Park, we’ve created something that brings the dreams and aspirations of these students to life and makes their message on climate change truly accessible to everyone.”


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