8 designer reels that accurately describe what life is like with siblings


Don’t be all brothers and sisters Coils we find on the ‘gram do we really want scream ‘trueee thatat‘? Watch these memes and sharing them with your siblings is an added pleasure. Relevant content has now become the new language of discussion. Sometimes it also becomes a competition, where whoever sends the most memes wins, eh eh. All thanks to our creators who create such fun videos that leave us divided. They always find the funniest way to put it which makes us wonder how they can be so specific in describing all the love and caring and games of listening, harassing and blaming that occur. in every fraternal relationship. So let’s scroll down and have a great time watching some of these sweet but hilarious Coils made by these fabulous creators.

1. Awez Darbar

The master of pranks, dancer and ultimate creator has decided to make his followers laugh with his sister, Anam Darbar. In this Reel, he revealed to us the difference in sibling behavior on the Internet and in real life. Here, the transition from a loving and caring brother-sister duo to the fighting duo is so smooth and so divided.

2. Kritika khurana

@thatbohogirl and Deeksha Khurana give us major sibling vibes here. Whenever they are together, the Khurana sisters never fail to radiate ultra-sis an energy that makes our heads spin. With that Reel, they tell us how grateful we should be to have our brothers and sisters as protectors.

3. Vishnu Kaushal

With a little action the chain reaction will never stop‘hahaha! Yes, once the brawl between the siblings starts, there is nothing that can stop them. Vishnu and his brother, Govind Kaushal make it pretty clear to us here. You know what is more interesting, even a good reason is not necessary to start everything. So stopping it would be as random as it starts.

4. Krutika

Wow, the way she presents the drama involved in an average sibling relationship is just great. A touch, light or hard, it doesn’t matter, what matters is to act hard to scold the parents whoever started it all, hahaha. What made us laugh even more was the smile she had on her face just before we started the drama. It’s not Krutika’s Kaafi reels Reliable?

5. Sakshi Shivdasani

Who needs new clothes when you have your sister’s wardrobe to steal! But, if you are go stealing, you must also learn to protect yourself from the consequences. So that Reel can be your tutorial to learn how to get by like a pro.

6. Kareema Barry

Having to do all the work following the orders of an older brother is a nightmare for all the younger ones. Here, Khushboo barry makes his sister do all the work. From laundry to cleaning the floor, the list just keeps growing. This adore The pair of sisters surely used humor at its best to present the situation.

7. Karishma govil

Older siblings are always good at annoying younger ones, aren’t they? Here we have our own @soul_kari and her sister, Khushi Govil giving us the exact representation of the same. “You know you’re adopted, don’t you” is now a universal question that every older brother asked the younger ones, MDR! Watch this interpretation Reel by the Govil sisters surely made us crack.

8. Natasha Patel

Twisting stories and telling them to your mother is never new between sisters. The older ones are caught in a situation of helplessness when the younger ones make up their freshly concocted stories to defend themselves. Apparently watching the show is all they can do, eh eh !

We had a lot of fun showing you all these relatable coils by these amazing creators. Nevertheless jokes aside, siblings are truly a blessing and we should be grateful for that. By the way, we hope you all stay safe at home and book your vaccination slots!


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