3 foreign language originals dominate Netflix today


Netflix is a global company, the streaming service currently having over 200 million subscribers worldwide. While nearly 40% of that total comes from the United States alone, international originals are growing in popularity, which has resulted in huge, resounding successes for the platform.

from France Lupine and that of Spain Money theft comfortably ranks among Netflix’s ten most popular internal episodic efforts, while Germany’s Dark is arguably one of the best science fiction shows ever made. In terms of feature films, we’ve seen Oxygen, Sentinel, Blood red sky, Space sweepers and more all have generated huge viewership numbers since the start of 2021, and there is currently a trio of foreign language films residing on the top 10 list, according to FlixPatrol.

German survival thriller Prey performed well, having remained in the Top 10 since his debut last week, where he was joined by a pair of newcomers who made their debut on Friday. Romania The father who moves the mountains discovers that a former intelligence officer risks everything to find his son after he goes missing on a snowy hike, and he currently sits in sixth place.

One place ahead of fifth is The fortress, a French actor who sees a trio of cops trying to dismantle a major drug network, before one of their informants puts them in a difficult position. All three are worth the detour and fully deserve the audience they currently find.


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