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Here’s a (sad) truth: There are too many good things we have to let go of when we grow up. Lollipops at the doctor, Santa Claus, treats, public tantrums, etc., etc., the list goes on. But I’m saying – no, INSIST – that we need to get some of the joys of childhood back. And that’s through board games for adults.

If anything, now that we’re older the stakes are so much higher than they’ve ever been before. I mean, have you ever tried playing Jenga with a bunch of tipsy revelers? It is one of the most exhilarating situations in life.

So, for your next party, get serious and invest in providing a fun, challenging game for everyone beyond the usual board games. Let me help you! I’ve rounded up some of the best board games, which are sure to get the party started. Get a load of them below!

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if you want to show those voices

Roulette Karaoke

Here’s how it goes: Write the names of popular songs on tiny pieces of paper and throw them in a bag for people to choose. Have participants hum their song into one of these Bluetooth microphones for dramatic effect! If no one guesses the trail in less than 30 seconds, they must have a drink!


if you want to shake up a classic

Drunk Jenga

If you turn the standard Jenga into a drinking game, it becomes a much more hilarious challenge after literally one turn. Did you move the tower? Take a sip. Succeed in getting a middle block? Have the person on the right take a photo.


If you are feeling fancy


A v ~ chic ~ interpretation of beer pong. Because we are adults now! The same rules still apply: try shooting ping pong balls into a cup at the other end of a table, but just replace the red Solo cups with plastic champagne flutes. It makes the game a little harder and a lot more fun.


If you want to fight

I have to go

Which would you prefer to eliminate permanently, taxes or student loans? It’s like “Do you prefer?” but ~ high ~ and will surely inspire heated debate.


if you like a good icebreaker

Two truths and a lie

Try out this popular elimination game, but with a twist! If someone chooses the wrong lie, they must shoot. If they lie correctly, the person who lied has to drink! Plus, these shot glasses are so stunning you are going to want them in your home.


if you feel daring

Who can do it

Here is a game that is all about action. It has a bunch of different random “challenges” (not following someone on IG anymore, swearing in a foreign language) and your party has to see – wait – who can actually do it. Good time guaranteed. If you’ve always chosen “Truth” at college sleepovers, this is your redemption arc.


if you need to laugh

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity LLC.

A fucking classic. This game is by far the best way to voice all your personal grievances with the company and embrace a well delivered dirty joke. Fight me over it.


if you want to be close and personal


A certified Good Time â„¢. This version is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, so it announces the next contortionist moves players need to make on the mat. Doesn’t Cha just like technology?


if you think you are a comedian

Brilliant or BS? Anecdotes

It’s time to find out who the best actors are at your party. This trivia game requires you to make your way through all kinds of questions. The real challenge is whether your teammates will believe you actually know the answers?


if your friends really know each other

The voting game –

Now this one is for when you hang out with your tightest circle. Which of you gives the best hugs? Who would you like as a new mom? Put it to the vote!


if you want to embarrass yourself (slightly)

Heads up!

This iPhone game is a real crowd pleaser. Something about recording your friends playing random movie / animal / pop culture references while you’re trying to guess is needlessly funny. Plus, you can play with another person or as 50. It’s your turn!

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